At the end of this episode Buffy is walking along with Willow. [and Buffy is saying “I’m just a fool”] What she originally said was “I keep telling myself ‘Look how much I’m over Angel. Look how I’m not even thinking about Angel. Look how I’m going out with this other guy and it’s not about Angel.’ I’ve should realized that it was all about Angel”. And we cut that line because the episode was something like six minutes too long and we cut a lot of stuff. And it is a shame because a lot of people felt that buffy was very disrespectful to Angel and the memory of what they had to sleep with this guy so soon.--Jane Espenson, CO-producer/Writer, about the third episode “Harsh Light of Day” from the fourth season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer


sometimes i type bagel instead of bangel and then i just



Hearts Like Oursfor Buffy and Angel, for love despite all obstacles

I love you. I try not to, but I can’t stop.



close your eyes; a buffy/angel fanmix  [listen]

"Angel is Buffy’s true love. They have something you can never repeat. I mean, I understand it when people say nothing is ever the same after your first true love. They were soul mates." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"For Angel, the love of his life is definitely Buffy, but he’s trying to become human again. You see, he lost his innocence early on. He never really got a chance to experience what it is to be a man. He lost that and he identified so much with this woman because there are so many similarities (between them)— and she brought that out in him." - David Boreanaz